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Get Even FASTER RESULTS with the Fix My Wrist Pain “Done For You” Accelerator Pack and Save BIG!

Congratulations on making a phenomenal decision to invest in the Fix My Wrist Pain System!

Because you have chosen to take action today, you have a one-time opportunity to upgrade your order to include follow along videos demonstrating EVERY exercises and video tutorial based on the Fix My Wrist Pain Basic Program. You get follow along videos of the exercises for wrist pain, video of the rehab techniques for wrist pain, 3 wrist pain prevention videos, 2 wrist mobility videos, 4 videos on targeting other areas that affect the wrist, 3 wrist training recovery strategies, 5 videos on wrist strengthening and a bonus video on wrist taping  – all while saving an additional $171 in the process!

Fix My Wrist Pain “Done-For-You” Accelerator Package Includes:

Component 5: Follow Along Rehab Techniques Videos ($57 Value)

In this component, Rick will share with you the 4 steps that you have to take to lay down the foundation to wrist pain recovery.

Doing these things will help speed up your recovery and get you wrist pain free faster..

Component 6: Follow Along Rehab Exercises ($57 Value)

In this component, Rick will lead you through each wrist pain exercise. He will take the exercises from the basic program and will bring them to life with video showing you how to do each exercise for maximal results.

Component 7: Pre-hab of the Wrist ($37 Value)

In component 7, Jedd will lead you through what he does to keep his wrists happy and strong.

These videos take “done-for-you” to a whole new level, and are perhaps the coolest part of the entire accelerator package.

With each video, you’ll be prompted when to start, stop, and rest, along with each exercise being performed LIVE right in front of you with complete instruction and coaching directly from Jedd.

Component 8: Wrist Pain Prevention Strategies Videos ($37 Value)

Jedd will lead you through a variety of preventive strategies he uses in order to help his wrists stay happy so he can lift heavy stuff.

As you can see, the total value of the “Done-for-You” Accelerator Pack is a $188.

But once again, we really want to see you experience success and end your wrist pain as fast as humanly possible, so we’re going to offer you the entire Done-for-Your Accelerator Pack not for $188, but at more than 85% off the retail price.


Yes! Add the Fix My Wrist Pain “Done for You” Accelerator Pack for just $17!

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No thanks. I understand that this is my only opportunity to get access to this information and I’m okay with missing out, even at today’s HUGE discount. I understand that after declining this offer, the Fix My Wrist Pain “Done For You” Accelerator Pack will never be made available to me again at any price, even if I wish to pay more. I will pass on this forever.

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